Deaf World Against Violence Everywhere is holding a fundraiser at eXcape Columbus. DWAVE will receive 25% of all ticket purchases made between April 2 and April 15th - Games are not limited to these dates and can be reserved at anytime. There are no blackout dates or games with this event. If you are booking online you must use the code DWAVE - or call us directly at 614-758-3267. Come join the FUN and help support the Deaf World Against Violence Everywhere. Deaf World Against Violence Everywhere
Advocate and Outreach Coordinator SSP for Ohio's DeafBlind Survivors of Crime and Trauma

Interested in hosting a fundraiser with us?

Looking for the COOLEST Fundraiser event around? eXcape Columbus is a FUN and EXCITING way of raising funds for your cause. Fundraising is available to all organizations, schools and clubs. 25% of all ticket sales during the event will go directly to the organization. The participants supportng the fundraiser can schedule outside of the event time and are not subject to any restrictions, or blackout dates. We will provide organizations with Flyers they may print, an email template and promote the event on our website, social media and at our facility.