Looking for things to do in Columbus, team building Ohio, escape room OH? Loads of fun! eXcape Columbus room escape Ohio is here to deliver this new dominating trend of live action escape room games to the Columbus area. Room escapes are a genre of healthy fun that requires participating teams to use their logic, problem solving, teamwork, and ability to think outside the box without over-thinking or overlooking the obvious clues.  Team building exercises with a group of your own friends or new friends, you have to work together if you expect to escape.  Live room escapes are PERFECT for date nights, friends night out, corporate team building activities, parties, client get together or any event.  Excitement, Challenging and FUN it is an event that will continue to be remembered.  

EGYPTIAN ROOM  team building ohio

AREA 51 Stats

AREA 51 ROOM  team building ohio


You and your team enter a bunker, which belonged to AREA 51, used as a military base, a laboratory where they develop secret projects during the Second World War In 1947, the year of the Roswell incident, an unidentified object fell in the surrounding of the military base located in Area 51. You and your team have been sent to investigate and elucidate the mystery behind the objects recovered after the accident.  Be careful not to trespass.  Do you have what it takes to eXcape in 60 minutes?

You and your team have been sent to Egypt to recover the treasure left behind by archeologists in the tomb of King  Tutankhamen. The ancient Pyramid is filled with secrets and an unknown mystery awaits you. You must find the treasure and eXcape the tomb before the curse of the pharaohs begins in one hour.  Do you have what it takes to eXcape in 60 minutes? 

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Team "TBD"

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Current eXcape Rate: 36%

Today's Date: 07/11/2016

Teams Succeeded: 107

Teams Failed: 192

eXcape Record: 45 min 41 sec

Team "Spain"